Frontline Relocation Pvt Ltd - Storage Capacity

Doing business with international clients requires more than just financial acumen. A lack of knowledge about a customer's culture can lead to misunderstanding, frustration and potential embarrassment.

For making a smooth international move, we conduct relevant research on import and export etiquettes of country where goods are to be moved and thus, accordingly prepare requisite overseas shipments. Your possessions come in a variety of shapes and weights. That's why Frontline Relocation Pvt Ltd. makes use of wide range of qualitative materials for packing, besides our ability to deliver the right product at the right place in the right condition at the right price.


Further, for longer duration, safekeeping of the goods, we also provide the warehousing services on a fixed rent on monthly/ fortnightly or weekly basis as required by the customers. This provides our customers, ease of reclaiming their consignment as per their time schedules. The secure surroundings of the warehouse from both inside and outside assure clients about complete safety of the shipped products.

Exclusive features of our warehouses:
  • Warehouses on Govt. approved land
  • Warehouses following and maintaining international standards
  • Aesthetic Warehouse Architecture
  • Warehouse Engineering & Space Planning with specification adopted to International Standards
  • Temperature control through Innovative Technology, thus enhancing the capability of the Manpower
  • Warehousing & industrial use
  • Ample parking space
  • Insurance assessment- low risk category
  • Vacuum De-Watered Flooring (VDF) with max, floor load of 6 tonnes / m2 (sqm)
  • Fire & Seismic resistant Structures
  • Observatory to streamline operations
  • Enough Space for long vehicle maneuverability
  • Zero Maintenance/Nut & Bolt free leak proof structures
  • Located on Highways for easy accessibility
  • Flexible unobstructed 32 meters of clear spans